September 9th, 2017 What The Truck?! at Capital Boulevard

Fall is in the air but that doesn’t mean summer is over quite yet!

What The Truck?! Capital Boulevard

Join us for our final event of the season and explore our beautiful downtown!

What: What the Truck?!
Where: Capital Boulevard (99 Avenue and 108 Street, Edmonton, AB)
When: Saturday, September 9, 2017
Time: 12-7PM 

RSVP to our Facebook event and don’t miss out! Food truck lineup and menus will be posted soon.

What’s Going On at What the Truck?! in 2017

We’re almost two weeks away from our kickoff event on May 14th at Northlands, and we couldn’t be more excited! However, we’d be remiss to not mention that we’ve had some changes to the team, as well as shifted our focus this season somewhat to match the food truck-scape in Edmonton. So here’s a look at what we’ve been up to, and what direction we’re heading in.


After last season’s wrap-up meetings with the trucks who participate in our events, combined with the feedback from our volunteers and attendees the past two seasons, we have decided to scale back from a full season of events, and shift to doing only two large events – a kickoff in May, and finale in September – to bookend the main food truck months.

What the Truck?! was started as a group to help advocate for and promote food trucks and food truck culture in Edmonton at a time when there weren’t many trucks in our city, and there were a lot more road blocks for new, local businesses to get their feet in the door and share their food and passion with customers. Change isn’t always readily accepted from the get-go.

Fast forward to this past season – there were more than 100 trucks in our database by the end of 2016, and food trucks are a staple at nearly every outdoor event that our festival city has to offer. Our events used to be a way for people to come see different areas of town and try new food trucks that they might not see during their weekday lunch hours. The need simply isn’t the same as it used to be – and we’re totally okay with that – it means that our dream of seeing food trucks embraced and local businesses succeed is a reality, and that’s pretty darn cool.

So instead of planning extra events that take away opportunities for trucks to come out to all of the other wonderful events, we want to embrace change, and instead plan to regularly promote and share everyone’s events that have food trucks – because we want you to go to them, we want you to try all of the amazing food that everyone has to offer, and we want you to continue to be the fantastic city that tasks risks, tries new things, and supports one another.

If you have an event coming up that you have already booked trucks at – Farmer’s Markets, festivals, everyone – you can fill out our Share Your Event form (preferably at least a week in advance!) and we’ll include your event in our posts.

If you have an event coming up that you want food trucks at, you can still fill out our Book the Trucks form – and if you want us to include your event in our posts, you can indicate that right in the form too.

If you’re a truck that still wants to get involved with our season this year (because we’ll share out anything that you tell us you’re going to be at too!), you can still apply to become a member.

2015-09-21 13.47.00

Our team of 7 from 2015 went down to 6 in 2016, and now we’re a 3-man band in 2017. Mack and Melina have been working diligently to put together the events this season, and Su is a volunteer coordinating rock star (if you want to volunteer at our May event, please e-mail her at!).

We really hope we’ll see you at our kickoff in May – but if not, we’ll see you out and about at events this summer, and at the finale event in September!

What the Truck?! 2017 Season Kickoff

Spring has sprung, and we’re ready to come out of hibernation!


Food truck season is upon us, and we’re back again for 2017! We’re kicking off the season with one BIG event, so join us on Sunday, May 14 from 12-7PM at Northlands, just outside the Expo Centre for fantastic food, music, and family-friendly beer gardens!

Parking and event admission are completely FREE of charge, and unfortunately only service dogs are allowed onsite.

RSVP to our Facebook event, and be sure to check back for the truck lineup  and menus in the coming weeks!

If you’re a new truck hoping to get involved this season, it’s not too late – Contact us at for more information!

May 28 & 29 Recap, and Save the Date for June 18!

We can’t believe the event last weekend flew by so quickly, and how lucky we were to get the weather that we did!

Photo: Mack Male

On Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29, we were joined by 38 trucks at Northlands, just outside the Expo Centre, for our very first two-day kickoff event, and we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to hold it. Despite a rainy weather forecast for the weekend, the water works held off until after 8PM both nights, and we were left with warm, bright afternoons to enjoy a ton of awesome food!

Photo: Infinite Eye Photography
Photo: Infinite Eye Photography

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2016 Season Announcement!

After what felt like one of the shortest winters on record, we’re ready to announce our 2016 Season details! This year we’ve decided to announce all the dates and locations at once in order to help everyone plan their season. Some trucks are already out on the road so you’ll be able to have a taste of summer well before our first date in May.


Without further adieu, check out our 2016 dates!

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And the What the Truck?! Golden Ticket Winners are…

All season, attendees to our What the Truck?! events this year have filled in feedback cards and posted pictures, in the hopes of winning a pre-entry pass to our final event of the year.

We’re ready to announce our two winners of the coveted Golden Tickets: congratulations to Stephanie Gonzales and Rosemary!

Stephanie won by filling out a form at our August 22 event at Telus Field (though being a food blogger, she also wrote a rad post about What the Truck?! at Northlands Park, too).

Rosemary tagged a photo at our June 14 Brunch on the Boulevard with the hashtag #wttgolden ticket.

Both Stephanie and Rosemary will be able to bring a friend for exclusive access to the trucks in the twenty minutes leading up to the start of our September 11, 2015 Churchill Square finale.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!

Save the Date: What the Truck?! on August 22, 2015

We are so excited to announce our next event – What the Truck?! is coming to Telus Field! Here are the details:

What: What the Truck?! 
Where: Telus Field (10233 96 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB)
When: Saturday, August 22, 2015
Time: 4-8pm

RSVP on Facebook!

Photo Credit: Kurt Bauschart

This will be an all ages event, complete with entertainment and as usual, delicious food truck fare! We’ll also be employing our ticketing system here to get another test in before our last event in September.

Stay tuned for more information about participating trucks, menus, and site map information!

A New System for a New Location

As you know, this Friday is our first What the Truck?! Event at Northlands Park and we’re all chomping at the bit to host a What the Truck?!  night in conjunction with Park After Dark. This event will also be our first licensed event, meaning you can enjoy an alcoholic beverage along with your food truck dishes.

You may have noticed in our menu announcement that the menus had fewer feature dishes than previous events. As you know, our number one issue with our events is that lineups can get long. We heard your frustrations after our May Churchill Event that some items sold out while you were waiting in line for them, and we’ve decided to test a ticket-based line management system for the first time on Friday.
Torbak Hopper via Compfight

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Save the Date: What the Truck?! on July 10, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce our next event – What the Truck?! is coming to Northlands! Here are the details:

What: What the Truck?! 
Where: Northlands Park (7410 Borden Park Road NW, Edmonton, AB)
When: Friday, July 10, 2015
Time: 5-10pm
RSVP on Facebook!

This event will also be a first in What the Truck?! history. Northlands Park is a family-friendly licensed venue (similar to local restaurants), so you will be able to enjoy an adult beverage with your food truck eats!

If you’re still hoping to bring your little ones, the event grounds are all-ages, but if you wish to keep them separated from the rest, don’t worry – there will also be designated alcohol-free space.

Stay tuned for more information about participating trucks, menus, and site map information!

Will You Win the Coveted Golden Ticket?

Whenever we host a What the Truck?! event the number one concern is always lines. But what if there was a way for you to skip the lines and enjoy your favourite food truck food unencumbered by lineups? A way for you to place your order right away, and eat before anyone else?

Enter the What the Truck?! Golden Ticket.


The Golden Ticket will be awarded to two lucky winners at the end of this season, for use at the last event of 2015 in Churchill Square. Each winner can bring a friend and enjoy a 20 minute head start on the event by being able to order from their favourite food trucks and skip the lines.

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