Recap: May 31, 2012 Truck Stop

Two weeks in a row with warm, sunny weather? Awesome! It was another beautiful night down in Old Strathcona this evening for our final Truck Stop in May. Hundreds of Edmontonians once again gathered at McIntyre Park to enjoy our lineup of food trucks. This family even brought their own table!

Truck Stop in Old Strathcona

It was great to see so many families in the park! And they must have come hungry, because the trucks keep selling more and more food. The Act even had to refill the truck a few times (handy to have the restaurant just across the street!).

Truck Stop in Old Strathcona Truck Stop in Old Strathcona

We may have been in Old Strathcona, but I just couldn’t resist taking a photo of the wonderful “I <3 YEGDT” aprons that The Act was wearing!

Truck Stop in Old Strathcona

You can see more photos from the evening here!

While tonight was our final Truck Stop in May, it won’t be our last of the season. Stay tuned!

  • Fishbone40

    Loved the mac n’ cheese from the Act, but sad Smokehouse BBQ sold out of everything so quickly 🙁

    • And they brought double what they brought last week too! Very popular. Thanks for coming!

  • Sad I missed another one, glad it was a success.